Dear Visitor,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce you to

New Hope Bible Church. As you look around our website we hope you discover a little about who we are, events that we have planned, ongoing studies and small groups, and ministries and missionaries that we support. Most importantly, we hope that you realize the central focus of New Hope is on Jesus Christ. We are His Church, He is the reason we come together to worship, He is the reason we reach out to others and He is the reason we have such great hope in a world that is sometimes hard to navigate. Take your time looking around the site, if you have questions please reach out to us and, ultimately, we would be thrilled to meet you one Sunday morning as we come together to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our Savior, Jesus. Blessings and Peace,


Pastor Bobby Stepp

Service Times 

Morning Worship Service — Sunday 10:00 a.m.

Sunday School — (on hold at this time due to COVID-19)

The service begins with some contemporary music from our worship team (the words are projected onto screens on both sides at the front of the auditorium). Then there is a short welcome and announcements.

We will then have a prayer. We collect an offering after that. This is to receive contributions from members of New Hope—we do not want our visitors to feel obligated to participate.

There is then a praise and worship time, sometimes followed by a drama or video to help focus on the theme of the message. Prior to the actual message the children are released to Children’s church. Lastly we have the teaching/preaching time.

Our goal in the message is to present solid Christian theology in intelligent, understandable, and relevant terms. A prayer and sometimes a verse of song will follow the message.